Channel Service Mailing Lists

All emails are on the domain name

cservice@ Posts to this list will be forwarded to the correct list
or instructions will be given, by the person who answers these mails.
(Please do not send x@, email, password or manager change forms to this list.)

x@ x@: Emails are sent here to:
  • 1) revert back temp manager changes (from the username email
    including the: username, verification question/answer, channel name,
  • 2) change email (Forms to complete can be found at
object@ User objections for *registered* channels and objections
to applications that users don't want to be made public, or/and
objections to channel applications reject reasons.

cservice-abuse@ To report instances of CService related abuse involving registered channels, only.
(flooding/clones/massinvites/takeovers, by authed ops, etc).
Must include date/time/whois information, on the user in question,
and access information, showing that the user is logged in at the time of the abuse.
Also to report abuse by CService personnel.

usernames@ unsuspensions (including the username infos such as:
username, verification question/answer, email address), to know the suspension
reason and requesting the possibility to get the username unsuspended.
Reports of multiple usernames from the network guests are ignored.

abuse@ For abuse issues, NOT involving registered channels.
This is not a CService list.
It is for abuse involving non-registered channels, klines, glines, and oper abuse.
Do not send any CService related issues to this list.