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For information on our next class time, check in the channel #OpSchool on Undernet. We try to cover as many timezones as we possibly can. Please note, these classes do not teach you how to be an op or how to be an IRC Operator on Undernet. These classes are strictly on teaching you how to use Undernet Channel Service bot X and registering a username and channel on Undernet.

File Name Topic Last Updated
#opschool1.undernet.txt Username and Channel Registrations January 9, 2010
#opschool2.undernet.txt X commands January 9, 2010
#opschool3.undernet.txt Flood protection and Other stuff January 9, 2010
#opschool4.undernet.txt #Cservice F.A.Q. January 9, 2010
#opschool5.undernet.txt Autoinvite X command and Forms updated January 9, 2010

If you have any questions regarding OpSchool, please email: opschool@undernet.org

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Last update: January 9, 2010