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File Name Type Language Last Updated
Email.txt Email Change English January 13, 2013
Email-ES.txt Email Change Spanish November 27, 2013
Email-FR.txt Email Change French April 18, 2013
Email-NO.txt Email Change Norwegian April 18, 2013
Email-RO.txt Email Change Romanian April 18, 2013
Email-IT.txt Email Change Italian April 19, 2013
Email-TR.txt Email Change Turkish April 19, 2013
Email-NL.txt Email Change Dutch April 19, 2013
Email-HU.txt Email Change Hungarian April 18, 2013
Email-AR.txt Email Change Arabic April 9, 2013
Email-DE.txt Email Change Danish April 19, 2013

X Commands

Below are the X commands list files.
More language translations may be added in the future!

Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to translate files!

NOTE: if you're having problems with the .chm/.hlp files, right-click the link and select "Save Target As..." from the menu that appears, or try holding down the SHIFT key while clicking on the file's link to download them.

File Name Language Last Updated
xcmds.txt English February 3, 2006
xcmds.hlp English September 28, 2003
xcmds.chm English May 8, 2002
xcmds-de.txt German March 28, 2002
xcmds-es.txt Spanish January 16, 2006
xcmds-es.chm Spanish February 2, 2006
xcmds-fr.txt French January 16, 2006
xcmds-fr.hlp French March 27, 2002
xcmds-gr.rtf Greek December 12, 2005
xcmds-hu.txt Hungarian March 24, 2002
xcmds-it.txt Italian January 16, 2006
xcmds-no.txt Norwegian September 28, 2003
xcmds-pt.txt Portuguese January 10, 2002
xcmds-ro.txt Romanian February 3, 2006
xcmds-ro.chm Romanian May 2, 2004
xcmds-tr.txt Turkish July 28, 2003

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